Witchcraft-related abuse in the news

More and more cases of witchcraft-related abuse are being reported in high-profile news outlets. Just this week, another case has been picked up by the BBC: a Dutch-Moroccan woman¬†burning her¬†son’s hands and stuffing his ears with cotton wool. With the increasing number of¬†reports of abuse of this kind, we’re seeing a growing realisation in the west of just how¬†endemic witchcraft-related¬†abuse is.

The vast majority of these cases of abuse centre on a child who has been accused of witchcraft and then subjected to horrendous treatment in an attempt to exorcise him/her. Perhaps the most truly heart-breaking aspect of¬†these stories is that the adult perpetrator¬†so often sincerely believes they are acting in the child’s best interests; to¬†free them from a demonic influence.

We’re delighted to be part of the Stop Child Witch Accusations coalition, and a key strand of this work is training: equipping church leaders to¬†address false and harmful beliefs¬†among members of their communities. Slowly but surely, we are seeing attitudes towards children¬†change as a result.

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