Witchcraft workshop at the UN

Last week saw a ground-breaking workshop on witchcraft and human rights at the UN, in Geneva. Carolyn Gent and Emilie Secker had the fantastic opportunity of presenting SCWA‘s work there, alongside friends from DR Congo and Nigeria.

Bob Priest (Trinity Divinity School), Emilie Secker (Safe Child Africa), Carolyn Gent (BCT) and Pastor Abel Ngolo (EPED)

Carolyn tells us: ‘The workshop went well and was definitely worthwhile. It was also a good opportunity to reconnect with old friends and forge some new contacts. Christians were well represented there and although there was a little more hostility of tone towards the faith based panel, it was clear that the Church is taking a lead¬†in addressing witchcraft accusations against children.’

Our hope is that the workshop will prompt the UN to recognise witchcraft accusations as a harmful cultural practice, and therefore put pressure on governments to enact laws against it. Please join us in praying for this outcome.


Click here to find out more about how we are tackling witchcraft accusations against children.


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