World radio day

radio-1569611_1920Earlier this week saw World Radio Day, a celebration of radio as a medium and its capacity to connect people and bring change. So this seems like an appropriate time to highlight how our partners are using radio to advocate for marginalised children.

EPED makes regular radio broadcasts on the importance of child protection, through three community radio stations¬†based in markets in the Kinshasa area. And the response to the team’s broadcasts is really encouraging. For example, between March and May 2016, 27 parents contacted the team, responding to the broadcasts and requesting support in nurturing their children.

Wukwashi does something similar, using radio to mobilise a Christian response to disability. Wukwashi’s radio broadcasts¬†raise awareness of children living with disability, and their rights and needs, helping to encourage parents of disabled children and challenge the common stigma around disability.¬†A recent broadcast on the rights of disabled children reached over 2,000 listeners.

In an increasingly connected world, radio is still a highly dynamic, flexible and engaging medium. It’s great to be able to use it as a tool to bring godly change to individuals and communities.

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