A young boy and his grandmother, both smiling at the camera

There are an estimated 93 million children with disabilities in the world and these children represent one of the most marginalised groups on the planet. Children with disabilities must frequently overcome prejudice, stigma and institutional barriers to education and services, as well as their own physical or mental challenges.

BCT is committed to mobilising a Christian response to children living with disability. We are proud to partner with the extraordinary Wukwashi wa Nzambi, who are a force for transformation in Zambia. Wukwashi supports children with disabilities and their families – seeing dramatic changes in their conditions – and advocates for the rights of disabled children within churches, through denominational networks and using local media.

Wukwashi now runs fourteen support groups for disabled children across the Copperbelt, as well as enabling four more groups in other areas. At these support groups, children receive physiotherapy, play therapy and (when appropriate) mobility aids, and their parents gain advice and all-important support. In response to the COVID-related restrictions on gatherings, Wukwashi has temporarily replaced some of its support group meetings with a mentoring programme for parents, which has made it possible to continue to provide vital support, even while in-person gatherings are suspended.

Wukwashi has also been deeply involved in creating and piloting ‘Transform Disability’, training church leaders to ensure disabled children are included and empowered within their communities. As a result, churches are taking practical steps to become more accessible - including installing ramps for wheelchair-users.

‘Transform Disability’ is available through the Resources area of this website.

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