BCT partners with churches and grass-roots Christian organisations which are working to meet the needs of marginalised children in their communities.

We provide advice, support, training where needed, and financial resources. And we listen. We honour our partners’ deep understanding of their own contexts, and we work with them to ensure their programmes are appropriate and maximally effective in serving local children.

We currently have project partners in DR Congo, Rwanda and Zambia. We are also part of the Stop Child Witch Accusations coalition; a group of organisations committed to ending witchcraft accusations against children. Alongside these partnerships, we have created Transformation Resources to enable church and community leaders to address issues affecting local children. We see these resources as a project in themselves.

We and our partners are currently focusing on serving children affected by:

  • disability;
  • HIV;
  • homelessness;
  • abuse of all kinds, and especially arising from accusations of witchcraft.

COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for resource-poor communities. But our partners have risen to these challenges magnificently, providing local families with soap, bleach and vital food supplies, as well as ongoing advice and pastoral support through phone calls and socially distanced visits. Our Congolese partner has also introduced initiatives to help street-living children protect themselves from the virus, including setting up a highly successful network of handwashing stations.

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