'In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength,' (Isaiah 30:15)

In the frenetic pace of life and work, taking time to rest, be quiet and pray can feel strange - uncomfortable even. But it's exactly this habit that gives us access to divine strength. As we spend time with God, praying honestly, listening to what he has to say, and not rushing to get on to the next task, we find strength, peace and wisdom. That's true for all of us and it undergirds everything BCT does. 

Please join us in making time to pray, listen and rest in God's presence. Let's share with him our hopes, plans and worries for our partners and their children. A few current prayer points are below. You can also sign up for our quarterly prayer diary, or to become a prayer partner and receive ad hoc prayer requests by email. Contact us to get started.


Latest prayer points

Please remember BCT and our partners within your personal prayer times or your regular prayer group. Below are some fresh points for prayer:

  • The latest of BCT’s Transformation Resources is ‘Let’s Grow!’, which is tailor-made for communities where food is scarce. It helps community members to understand what sources of nutrition are freely available to them and to make the most of them. The training materials have been piloted in DRC and are also being tested in Burundi and Zimbabwe. Please pray that we can use the insightful feedback that these pilots have provided to make the finished product as effective and accessible as possible.
  • Wukwashi faces frequent difficulties in obtaining mobility aids, including wheelchairs. During the pandemic, children needing artificial limbs, for example, did not have access to them due to lack of materials in the hospital. Please pray that the children who most need mobility aids will receive them, and pray that Wukwashi will find new partners to help resource the most vulnerable families in this way.
  • Praise God that he has sent Viola Kirongo to join the SCWA steering group, meeting the urgent need for more team members. Viola, who is based in Nairobi, Kenya, is Director, Network & Engagement for Africa, for the organisation Teach for All, and a skilled project manager. Please pray for Viola as she settles into this role, that God will enable her to use her full range of skills and experience in furthering SCWA’s work.

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