Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ (Jeremiah 33:3)

It's wonderful to know that, when we call out to God in prayer, he will answer us. In fact, he invites us to do that. That's a huge encouragement to us, especially since the children we serve have such deep needs. But that's not all. God also promises to speak to us when we pray. and to reveal things to us we could not have known otherwise. It's as we spend time in prayer that God reveals his will and his plans to us.

Please join us in calling out to God for our partners and for the children they serve so faithfully. As we do that, we know that he will not just answer our prayers but also speak to us. A few current prayer points are below. You can also sign up for our quarterly prayer diary, or to become a prayer partner and receive ad hoc prayer requests by email. Contact us to get started.


Latest prayer points

Please remember BCT and our partners within your personal prayer times or your regular prayer group. Below are some fresh points for prayer:

  • Give thanks that God has enabled our partners to respond swiftly to the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's especially thank him for LVLE's initiative, setting up public handwashing stations in Goma. The initiative is the outcome of a remarkable and unexpected collaboration between LVLE, civic authorities, local residents and street-living children - please pray for strong communication and positive relationships. And let's pray that God will extend this work and use it to save lives.
  • Our partners have been working tirelessly to help vulnerable communities protect themselves from the virus. BCT has written, translated and distributed Bible-based, contextualised resources to help communities understand the risk and take preventative measures. Pray that the churches, families and communities who have received this guidance will heed it, and make good use of the provisions BCT has supplied. These include soap and bleach for 500 Wukwashi families in Zambia.
  • Pray for APRECOM and for the families they serve, as support groups have not been able to meet during the COVID-19 pandemic: pray that the team will still be able to find ways to support and maintain relationships with families in their networks. And please ask God to protect APRECOM children who are living with disability or HIV, as they will be at high risk of the disease because of weakened immune systems.

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