three smiling teenage girls'Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.' (Nehemiah 8:10)

Nehemiah spoke to people in grief and despair, to reassure them that joy could be theirs in the presence of God. We take heart in that same truth. Whatever trials we face, whatever disappointments we encounter, we can bring them to God and find hope and reassurance. The joy of the Lord is our strength. We pray the same for the children we and our project partners serve. May they find joy and strength in God's presence to overcome the trials they face. 

Please join us in calling out to God for our partners and for the children they serve so faithfully. As we do that, we know that joy and strength are at hand for us and for the children. A few current prayer points are below. You can also sign up for our quarterly prayer diary, or to become a prayer partner and receive ad hoc prayer requests by email. Contact us to get started.


Latest prayer points

Please remember BCT and our partners within your personal prayer times or your regular prayer group. Below are some fresh points for prayer:

  • The handwashing stations which our partner project LVLE has set up for street-living children and young people in Goma, North Kivu, in response to COVID-19 have proved a huge success. Praise God that LVLE's collaboration with local authorities, local families and street-living children has brought vast improvements to relationships with these vulnerable youngsters.
  • Pray God’s blessing on the development of our new resource, ‘Let’s Grow!’, which addresses malnutrition and food insecurity. It teaches conservation farming techniques, advises on how to set up household and community kitchen gardens, and helps vulnerable communities recognise underused resources that are already available, including nutritious but overlooked plants.
  • A group of church leaders whom Wukwashi trained in ‘Transform Disability’ in October 2019 recently reported back on progress they’ve made since. Praise God that several churches have improved access by adding ramps at entrances to their buildings; others have preached on disability inclusion. Pray that these church leaders will continue to collaborate, learn from one another and encourage one another to go further.

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