Rwandan church leaders praying together'Then Moses said, “Now show me your glory.”' (Exodus 33:18)

Like Moses, we want more than anything to see God's glory. And we do see it. We see God's glory in our partners who give of themselves so tirelessly. We see it in the churches who strive to welcome, safeguard and nurture marginalised children. We see it in the children themselves, as they grow and become stronger and wiser. We remember this as we pray and, because we remember it, we're inspired to pray for more. We ask God, humbly but insistently, to show us more of his glory, in families, in communities and in the lives of individual children.

Please pray with us. A few current prayer points are below. You can also sign up for our quarterly prayer diary, or to become a prayer partner and receive ad hoc prayer requests by email. Contact us to get started.


Latest prayer points

Please remember BCT and our partners within your personal prayer times or your regular prayer group. Below are some fresh points for prayer:

  • LVLE’s Synergies in Masisi and Monigi are bringing together our partner project, church and community leaders, and local authorities to collaborate on tackling child witch accusations. Please give thanks that the senior police authority has just become involved in the Masisi Synergie, and that members of that same group recently undertook productive refresher training in ‘The Heart of the Matter’. Please pray that both groups will learn from each other and grow in influence in their communities.
  • We’re delighted that our Transformation Resources are now available for download through the BCT website. Please pray that more church and community leaders will become aware of and make use of these resources. Pray that we will be able to adapt the site to make it as easy as possible for potential users of the resources to find what they need.
  • Our latest Transformation Resources, ‘Sickness, Health and Healing’ and ‘Mental Health Matters’, are now available in English and French. They work as standalone tools or as additional modules for ‘The Heart of the Matter’ where the intention is that they will help dispel unhelpful beliefs that some physical and mental health conditions are ‘proof of witchcraft’. Please ask God to use these resources to bring real change in attitudes and behaviour around child witch accusations.

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