More alarming developments in DR Congo

Feb 19, 2020
Category: World News

BCT has had friends and partners in DR Congo for many years, and we have huge love and affection for the country and its people. So it is very distressing to hear of the profound difficulties DRC has been going through in the last few years.

The Ebola epidemic is still rumbling on and people are still dying, despite the heroic efforts of medical teams and disease control specialists. And the task of ending the epidemic is being made even harder by the misinformation surrounding the virus. Unfounded and misleading rumours are common, and these are being spread all-too quickly and easily through social media – especially WhatsApp.

Making matters worse, Beni, one of the regions hardest hit by Ebola, is now experiencing attacks by armed groups. More than 260 people have been killed in the past twelve weeks. Most frightening of all, although the attacks are being blamed on Ugandan Islamist militants, nobody really knows who is behind the attacks and what is motivating them.

So, we are simply asking for your prayers. There seems little else we can do. But we are confident, above all, that our heavenly Father knows and loves Congo and its people even more than we do. Please join us in praying for a swift end – both to Ebola and to these shocking attacks.

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