More violence in DR Congo

Nov 27, 2019
Category: World News

We’ve posted several times recently about the unrest in DR Congo, especially the Ebola epidemic. Developments this week seem to show that the already fragile situation is deteriorating further.

An increase in violence has led to the suspension of efforts to treat and contain Ebola, at a time when it appeared that the epidemic was finally being brought under control. Along with this, there has been an outbreak of measles, claiming 5,000 lives. The vaccination campaign against measles is likely to be disrupted by the increased violence.

Please stand with us in continuing prayer for DR Congo:

  • Pray for an end to the violence.
  • Pray for efforts to treat Ebola and measles to continue, to prevent further loss of life.
  • And pray for our partners and friends, LVLE, who are faithfully continuing their vital work, despite the unrest.

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