'Real buzz' at the SCWA forum

May 15, 2019
Category: BCT News

We’re really thankful for an excellent SCWA forum in London yesterday, connecting with church- and organisational leaders around the subject of witchcraft accusations. We also benefited from valuable input from Dr Julian Eaton on how common worldviews in the global south affect how mental disorders are perceived and treated.

BCT Director Susie Howe comments: ‘There was a real buzz in the room; everyone contributed to discussions and it was good to get the perspectives of those working in very different contexts to ours. Despite different working backgrounds and faith perspectives, it was great that we all shared a common heart to address the stigmatisation and harm of those accused of witchcraft and indeed of those who are stigmatised because of the mental health conditions that they live with.’

The feedback from the day was very encouraging and the delegates were enthusiastic about keeping in touch and attending future SCWA events. We’re looking forward to developing relationships with the organisations represented at the forum, and continuing to learn together. We hope that, in due course, working collaborations may emerge from these relationships.

Find out more about how SCWA is addressing witchcraft accusations against children.

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