New COVID-19 resources

Apr 09, 2020
Category: BCT News

Coronavirus has made a huge impact on the UK and many other Western nations. But it threatens to be truly devastating to Africa. Self-isolation and regular handwashing are extremely difficult in slum areas or to street-living children, and limiting the spread of the virus is being made even harder by common myths and misconceptions about it. In many communities, COVID-19 is being blamed on witchcraft or biological warfare, for example.

We at BCT are determined to do all we can to help communities respond wisely to COVID-19. So, we have compiled a set of resources to address common myths, to advise on good hygiene and how to protect children from the virus, and to make practical suggestions about how to make handwashing possible in resource-poor areas. 

The material is available in English, French and Swahili and, although it has been designed particularly from an African perspective, we hope it will be understandable and useful throughout the global south.

These resources are now available on this website. Just click on the 'Resources' tab and 'Transform Familes', take two minutes to register, and you can download any resources you need. And please share the link with anyone else you know who might find the resources useful. We'd also like to express our thanks to our friends at Tearfund, who have contributed some of their own material.

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