Food shortages in Rwanda

Jun 19, 2020
Category: BCT News

We have just received this update from Odeth, the Director of APRECOM. She (and we) would really value your prayers for a few different things.

'I am well and I was with Emma today. We had to pray together at a distance but I was able to see her and to pray with her. I traveled to Bukora yesterday to meet with our volunteers. It was good to connect again and to see each other. I was not allowed to go in people's homes because of COVID-19, but we spent time with God, praying, listening to one another and sharing our challenges.

'Please pray for families in Bukora, who are struggling with food, especially those with HIV. We tried to give food funded by churches at the start of COVID-19 but now it is difficult because churches have also been stopped. [Churches rely on offerings for their income. If churches cannot meet, they have no offerings and no income so cannot fund food deliveries.] This is becoming the biggest challenge.

'Pray for Colodine, who is sick. From the beginning of last year, she had been well and taking her medicine, but now she is very sick again. We are praying with her. She has TB now, which is not easy for her and her family. [We assume Colodine has HIV.]

'Pray for our volunteers, who are dealing with those challenges, so that they will able to manage it.'

So, please join us and APRECOM in praying:

  • For Emma, especially given her long-term health problems.
  • For the APRECOM team; that they will be able to offer support to the families who rely on them.
  • For the families who have lost income and access to food supplies because of COVID-19. This is a growing problem throughout the global south. And it is particularly important that children and adults living with HIV have access to adequate nutrition - otherwise they cannot take their medication.
  • For Colodine; that God will heal her from TB and help her recover her strength.

Everything we and our partners do is built on prayer. And there are several ways you can be part of our crucial prayer network.

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