Please pray for LVLE

Oct 15, 2020
Category: BCT News

On Monday, we heard from Jean-Paul, Director of LVLE, our partners in DR Congo. He and his team have been subjected to a terrifying robbery and have lost their phones, laptop, passports and training materials.

The LVLE team were in Masisi and were delayed in returning to Goma by a presidential cavalcade. This forced them to travel after dark, which is very dangerous. Sure enough, on the journey, they were stopped and attacked by bandits, in what could easily have been a life-threatening incident.

Praise God, our friends are all safe and physically unharmed. And our supporters have been incredibly generous in giving to a fundraising campaign, to enable us to replace the stolen equipment. (The phones and laptop are genuinely crucial to enable LVLE to do their work, so this is great news.)

But we are concerned about how the incident might affect Jean-Paul and his team, psychologically. They believed their lives were under threat during the robbery, and are likely to be traumatised by their experience. Please pray for Jean-Paul, Edwige, Samy and their colleagues; for supernatural peace and for psychological and emotional healing.

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