Let's Grow

Dec 18, 2020
Category: BCT News

Many communities in the global south struggle with food scarcity, because of unpredictable crop yields, unreliable food supply chains or both. The situation has been made even more acute by COVID-19, which has left many people unable to work and therefore without income. As a result, many have faced malnutrition and hunger in communities without social safety nets..

BCT had to be strategic in its response. Training and Project Development Coordinator Carolyn Gent explains: ‘We couldn’t set up a major feeding programme but we can show communities how to use the foods and other resources they already have in their hands.’

The result is ‘Let’s Grow’, a new Transformation Resource that includes teaching on how to set up simple, productive family and community gardens using conservation techniques and how to use nutritional plants and trees that are often overlooked. ‘Let’s Grow’ is already being piloted in DRC, Burundi and Zambia.

Please pray for effective and informative pilot events for 'Let's Grow', so that we can shape the resource material into something that will enable lasting change and protect the health of vulnerable communities.

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