Mobilising local leaders in Goma

Mar 19, 2021
Category: BCT News

Goma is a harsh environment for young people. Poverty is widespread and child abuse is endemic, even in many schools. What's more, children are often accused of witchcraft and subjected to brutal deliverance rituals in the city's 'prayer rooms'. LVLE has been speaking out for children's rights for years and taking direct action to help children at risk of abuse. But to have a real impact, it was vital to connect with other adults in authority.

LVLE's new 'Synergies' are a big step forward in this process. These two ground-breaking networks bring together community leaders - political, administrative, religious and police - to mobilise action to safeguard local children. The members are all committed to working together to fight child abuse and to advocate for children's rights and, with the authority these leaders hold, there is real potential to enact lasting change.

LVLE themselves are providing the Synergies with training on child protection and how best to respond to accusations of witchcraft against children. A recent training seminar in Masisi is pictured above.

Please pray with us, thanking God for bringing the Synergies together, and asking that he will enable them to fulfil their potential in making their communities safer places for children.

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