Great feedback from 'Let's Grow!'

Apr 28, 2021
Category: BCT News
Our new resource 'Let's Grow!' is designed to equip communities to better understand nutrition, to make the most of the food supplies available to them and to ensure their most vulnerable people are well nourished. Local churches are at the forefront of delivering the training and supporting local families. The resource is being piloted at several locations, and we have recently received this encouraging feedback from Zimbabwe:
'We chose to run two particular sessions first mainly because they are very much important especially during this time of the year when people are beginning to complain about what kind of vegetables to get as relish*. (We realised that we are very much rich in different kinds of plants that we can eat as vegetables.) We did the mulch training as a way of encouraging the people not to burn grass or whatever is going to remain in their fields after harvest but to keep it as mulch for the next season. We actually killed two birds with one stone during the workshop about mulch; we stopped veld fires from taking place in the community thereby protecting the environment. Some of the people are actually going to harvest grass and keep it for the coming season. This is going to go a long way in fulfilling our objective of increasing food security in the community of Makamure.'
It's clear that the resource is already making a difference to communities' food security and to environmental issues, which is exactly what we hoped for. And we're also getting feedback on the material itself which will help us refine the resource for future use.
Praise God that 'Let's Grow!' is having such a positive effect already. And please pray with us that the resouce will continue to help communities make the most of the food supplies available to them. 
(*'Relish' is a word commonly given to whatever people cook to go with their mealie meal. This can mean vegetables, meat, sauce or all of these.)

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