Volcanic eruption in DR Congo

May 28, 2021
Category: World News
DR Congo has been hit by a huge volcanic eruption. On Saturday 22nd May, Mount Nyiragongo erupted, sending a lava flow through a northern district of Goma, which burned and flattened everything in its path. Following the eruption, ongoing earth tremors are creating widespread fear of further destruction, parts of the city have lost power and food prices have rocketed.
Our local partners, LVLE, along with our good friends at EPAM, are doing everything they can to support children and families who have lost homes and possessions in the eruption. We are relieved to say that the team members and their families are themselves safe, but they are facing huge challenges in their work.
LVLE need to make further visits to do what they can to support the children who are living on the streets. Monigi, one of the focal points for LVLE’s work, has been badly affected by the eruption. In addition to the many children who were already living on the streets, hundreds of other children have been displaced and lost their homes and families. And EPAM works particularly with children and adults with physical and mental impairments, who are perhaps the most vulnerable group of all.
LVLE and EPAM need help urgently, so they can get food and emergency supplies to the people who need them most. Please consider making a small donation to help with the relief efforts. If you'd like to give towards this, please follow this link:

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