SCWA training in Nigeria

Jul 08, 2021
Category: BCT News

Nigeria is known to be a hotbed of accusations of witchcraft against children and SCWA has been trying for several years to make strong enough connections there to help address the issue and change common attitudes towards children. We are delighted to report that SCWA at last has an opportunity to begin to train church leaders in Nigeria. 

A 'Heart of the Matter' workshop will take place on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th August, for church leaders in and around Calabar, Cross River State. BCT's Carolyn Gent and Susie Howe, along with Annette Williams (a member of the SCWA steering group), will deliver this training by Zoom, outlining a biblical perspective on child witch accusations and equipping church leaders to change attitudes in their communities. We hope the delegates will also go on to share their learning with other church and community leaders in their areas, to cascade the impact of the training.

However, we are keenly aware of how important this kind of training is and of how strongly contested it will be. There are many people in Nigeria - not least unscrupulous 'prophets' who charge for 'exorcisms' - who have a vested interest in witchcraft accusations continuing. And we also believe that the forces of darkness oppose any effort to end the evil of witchcraft-related child abuse. 

Please join us in praying for the delegates at the 'Heart of the Matter' workshop, for the team delivering the training, and for significant and measurable outcomes from the event.

If you would like further details of the training workshop and how to pray for it, please contact us.

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