Food distribution in Rwanda

Mar 31, 2022
Category: BCT News

The UN has been reporting for months that global hunger is reaching unprecedented levels and is still on the rise. Our project partners' experience on the ground echoes this. In many of the communities where our partners operate, food supplies have always been precarious, and the situation has been exacerbated by COVID's disruption of supply lines. This is all the more serious for families with children living with disabilities or HIV: disabled children are often more susceptible to infection and it's impossible to take anti-retroviral medication without regular, nutritious meals.

So, our partners are stepping in. For example, APRECOM has been distributing food to families in its network, ensuring that the most vulnerable of children will be fed and nourished. The latest distribution was this week, to homes in Kajera. Simple food distribution is not a long-term solution to a huge and complex problem, but it is a vital step in addressing the immediate effects of food scarcity. 

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