New wave of violence in DRC

Jun 16, 2022
Category: World News
Last week saw a new wave of violence in DR Congo between M23 rebels and the army, which reached Nyiragongo, on the outskirts of Goma. This area of DRC often experiences this kind of violence, but it is always frightening and always a threat to livelihoods. This new insurgency has left 37,000 people displaced and also led to escalating tensions between DRC and neighbouring Rwanda, and there is widespread fear of more violence to come.
What's more, the simple numbers don't convey the brutality involved. Reports have emerged this week, revealing that people who have fled their homes and sought refuge in displacement camps are not safe from attack. Armed men have carried out sixteen attacks on displacement camps over the last twelve months, killing 185 people - including children.
Our local partner LVLE and our associates at EPAM operate in Goma, which is right at the heart of the region affected by this violence. At present, they are all safe. In fact, they rarely mention the unrest to us, preferring to focus on the needs of the children they serve. However, this situation is clearly very troubling. Please join us in praying for lasting peace - within DRC and between DRC and Rwanda - and for the safety and security of the Congolese people.

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