We believe in the Church

Jun 28, 2022
Category: Blog Post

BCT has always and will always be committed to equipping local churches to meet the needs of the children in their communities. We want to see the Church leading the way in building a local and global society where marginalised children can thrive.

Our project partners share our vision. All of our partners are closely connected to local churches. Rev Jean-Paul Aruna, the leader of LVLE (our Congolese partner) is the pastor of a large local church, and all the leaders of our other partner projects are actively involved in church ministries. They intentionally build relationships with churches, collaborate with churches to set up support groups and cascade training, and mobilise them to reach local children.

But why go to all that trouble? Why not simply try to meet these needs ourselves? After all, we have over 20 years’ experience of serving marginalised children.

We have excellent reasons for investing in churches, first and foremost. Put simply, we believe in the Church because God does. The Bible makes it clear that the Church is God’s preferred means to share the good news, meet the needs of the vulnerable and care for all creation. To be more specific, we believe in the Church because local churches are…

  1. Motivated – Local believers care deeply about their neighbours. What’s more, they are inspired by biblical truths to reach and serve the marginalised, including the most vulnerable of children.
  2. Respected – A church is known, trusted and esteemed by local people and a church leader is recognised as a figure of authority. When the church speaks, the people listen. It is perfectly placed to effect change in the community.
  3. Knowledgeable – The church is at the heart of the community and steeped in the local language, culture and customs. Its leaders understand how local people think and act, and the issues which affect their children, far better than we could. They have invaluable insights into what initiatives will work best for their children.
  4. Committed – The local church is rooted in its community and in it for the long haul. It makes the work sustainable for many years into the future and it makes a dramatic impact possible. Once BCT is no longer needed, we move on but the local church stays put, the work carries on and lives continue to change for the better.
  5. Powerful – Jesus promises, ‘I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it.’ (Matt 16:18, NLT). In the power of the Holy Spirit, the Church confronts huge issues and defeats mighty adversaries. It storms the gates of hell.

We have seen for ourselves that, when we resource and equip local churches, extraordinary things happen. Deeply-ingrained harmful beliefs are uprooted. Marginalised children are brought out of isolation and enabled to thrive. Lives are changed.

If you believe in the Church, just as we do, join us. Pray for our overseas partners, give so that their work can go from strength to strength, or become a BCT Ambassador representing marginalised children in your own church.

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